The best of Glenfiddich's rare whisky

Rare & Vintage Single Malt Whisky

At Glenfiddich we pride ourselves on striking the right balance between tradition and innovation. Our founding principal - William Grant’s determination to create “the best dram in the valley” has constantly driven us to experiment, explore and broaden our knowledge, creating some outstanding rare and vintage malts along the way.

Here you will find an unparalleled collection of precious, rare and vintage Glenfiddich whiskies. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion or a rare treat for the seasoned connoisseur, you will find it here.

The character of each whisky is personally verified by our expert Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, to guarantee its rich and unique quality.

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Help me choose

  1. Glenfiddich 38 Year Old Rare Collection Whisky

    This unique single malt Scotch whisky was distilled on 25 September 1978 and has been laid down to mature for over 38 years in one single American Oak Hogshead cask.

    With nearly four decades of patient maturation, the spirit has acquired layers of incredible elegance and complexity, with delicate fresh fruits and spring blossom notes balanced with rich spices and lasting vanilla sweetness.

    Great for: those seeking an exceptional soft and mellow whisky with a silky smooth texture and a beautifully sweet and long-lasting finish.
  2. Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Scotch whisky bottle and box

    • Awards
    This sublime and truly precious whisky is a harmony of subtle sherry and fig notes beautifully balanced with rich dark chocolate flavours.
    Great for: Connoisseurs and collectors. A sublime, complex and truly exceptional malt.
  3. Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old Whisky

    Rich with notes of lush vanilla, light oak and spice, this exceptional 26 Year Old Glenfiddich is one of our most desirable expressions yet. Matured to perfection in Bourbon casks, everything about this Single Malt exudes excellence; from the regal purple presentation box with embossed woodcut design to the traditional oak stopper, no detail has been omitted.
    Great for: Experiencing a true vintage Single Malt of outstanding quality with exceptional attention to detail of the finished product.
  4. Glenfiddich 50 Year Old Rare Collection Whisky

    This rare and precious whisky, with its delicate and exquisite flavours, is the product of over half a century in oak casks; a whisky that captures the very essence of Glenfiddich

    It goes without saying that the presentation is of the highest order. Every bottle is uniquely hand-blown, individually numbered in wax and finished in Scottish silver by sixth generation silversmith, Thomas Fattorini. The imposing case is lined in hand-woven silk and painstakingly wrapped in hand-stitched black leather.

    Great for: Those seeking the very best and extremely rare piece of history. Unique and classic, a beautifully harmonious nose compliments cascading flavours in this flagship malt.
  5. Glenfiddich 40 Year Old Rare Collection Whisky

    Glenfiddich 40 Year Old Rare Collection Whisky

    ABV Varies By Year, 70cl

    • Certificate of authenticity

    Our pioneering remnant vatting process creates a peerless single malt Scotch whisky of infinite richness and harmony, the culmination of over 120 years of whisky-making.

    This exceptionally fine Single Malt is presented in a beautifully crafted, hand-stitched case of the finest calf-leather. Featuring embossed print work and an intricately designed lock and key, we have ensured the presentation of this precious whisky matches its quality.

    Great for: Those seeking an exceptional, silky smooth and luxurious taste with intense dried fruit flavours of christmas cake, dates, raisins and stewed apples.